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INDIAN RAILWAY STD CODES Indian Railway Enquiry Number DIAL - Railway Board Telephone Directory Telephon. Source: North Western Railway / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed on: TELEPHONE DIRECTORY. DIVISIONAL OFFICERS TELEPHONE NUMBERS; DISTRICTS OFFICIALS TELEPHONE NUMBERS; WAY STATIONS TELEPHONE NUMBERS; Guntakal Division Control Office Contact Numbers; ROUTE MAP; CONTACT US; RTI Information. Citizen Charter; STORES; OPERATING. Weekly Rake Supply Status; WEEKLY RAKE SUPPLY STATUS; Weekly rake supply .


Seen a news item regarding punctuality in train services circular sent by Punctuality Dy. Director Mr. AP Singh to zonal officials. As a regular train travelor in long distance trains like train No. If someone doubt that it is to help the powerful private bus services running in parallel, it cannot be ignored. Please make a unbiased study the reasons for the late running of the said trains in recent times.

See Mobile Website Version. Please enable Javascript in your browser. You will not be able to use some features! India Customer Care. Follow us on:. Updated on Thursday, 8 March - pm. Designation Name Mobile No. Rly Tel No. RB Extn. N Pandey - satyendran [dot] pandey [at] gov [dot] in 4A, Railway Officer's Flats, Sarojini Ngr.

Designation Name Rly Tel No. Commandant R. Mishra - - - - Asstt. Commandant S. Singh - - - - - - - Asstt. Sunil Kumar Singh - - sksingh. Cell - - - - - - - N IIs. Officer's Colony, S. Niraj Kumar - - 8 Rly. Gyanchand - - - - H. Health Room No. Designation Name Mobile Rly telephone directory. Officer's Flat, P.

Maidan Dir IH Dr. Praval Pant - - - - - P. Maidan JD Health R. Shukla - - ddhfw [at] rb [dot] railnet [dot] gov [dot] in Flat No. Maidan DD Health H. Safety Room No. No, Pratab Ngr. Trafic Traffic Transportation Room No. Member Traffic Trasportation - - - -amt [at] rb [dot] railnet [dot] gov [dot] in - Sr. Ahluwalia - - - D, Mandir Marg. Sundararajan rly telephone directory - -Sect, R. Amit Kumar Jain - - rly telephone directory dcc [at] rb [dot] railnet [dot] gov [dot] in2-B, P.

Shanthi - - - shanthi [dot] 85 [at] gov [dot] in B, Nanakpura. R Park. Colony, Nehru Ngr. Water Tank, GZB. Traffic Commercial Room No. Member Comml. Rajiv Dutt Sharma -rajiv [dot] rishi [at] gov [dot] in House No.

D-5, Tower-2, New Moti Bagh. Satya Narayan - - - - Sect-1, rly telephone directory, H No. No, Vipin Garden Extn. Nishith L. Barua - - - -Sect-9, R. Dash - - - -Sector-D, Mandir Marg. Vijaya Lakshmi - - H. B, Shekhar Appt. Officers Flats, Sarojini Ngr. Samir Kumar samir [dot] kumar2 [at] gov [dot] in Type-V, No. CHC Sanjay Ku. Colony, Punjabi Bagh.

Cell S. No 5, Rly. Officers Enclave, S. Srinivasan - - Qrt, rly telephone directory. Hariharan - - - - - JS Dep. Officer's Enclave, Chanakyapuri. Balaji - - -Sect-3, rly telephone directory, R. No37, Rly telephone directory Ngr, Palam Colony. Gali No5, Vaishali, Dabri. Cell A. Singh- - - - J, Sarojini Ngr. Cell N. Singh - - - - B, rly telephone directory, S. Ambedkar Colony, Bijwasan.

Rudola - - - C, Nankpura. Jay Shankar - - - - N, Sect-8, R. Karunakaran - - -Sect-IV, R. Branch Neelam Arora - - - Flat No. Branch Acc. Harsh K. Vashisth-- - -Ambica Vihar, Paschim, rly telephone directory. Anil Kumar-VI - - - - - H. Samunder Singh - - - - - rly telephone directory Sanitary Insp. Ashram Marg, Gole Market.

Mail Address Residential Address Addl. Member Signal N. Kashinath -amsig [at] rb [dot] railnet [dot] gov [dot] in Qr. Road, GGN. Dev Pradeep M Sikdar -edsd [at] rb [dot] railnet [dot] gov [dot] in H. Proj S. Manoj Lakra - -osdsig [at] rb [dot] railnet [dot] gov [dot] in A, Asha Appt. Colony, Lajpat Ngr. Draftman - - - - - hdmsig [at] rb [dot] railnet [dot] gov [dot] in - Telecommunication Room No. Member Telecom H.

Agarwal -amtele [at] rb [dot] railnet [dot] gov [dot] in Flat no. D-6, Tower-6, New Moti Bagh. Singh - - - tatele [at] rb [dot] railnet [dot] gov [dot] in H. T, Indira Colony, Narela. Cipher Asstt.



rly telephone directory


EASTERN RAILWAY, TELEPHONE DIRECTORY IMPORTANT & BRANCH OFFICERS TELEPHONE NUMBERS, ASANSOL DIVISION Designation Rly. Telephone No. BSNL Telephone No. Office Residence Office Residence DRM, Mr. J. N. Jha Source: North Western Railway / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed on: Catering Arrangements on Trains of scpissors.ga ; Catering Arrangements ; Duties of the Travelling Ticket Examiner; Duties of Coach Attendent; List of Major & Minor Static Catg Units Over scpissors.ga ; Wheel Chair and Stretchers; Retiring Rooms and Dormitories; Cloak Room; Medical Aid; Platform Tickets; Quota for Rail cum Hotel Booking; Telephone Numbers.